Reclaim Your Power and Let Go of Your Fear, Anxiety, and Worry!

Stop playing victim to your life experiences and live the life you have always wanted.

Do You Ever...

  • Wake up in the morning filled with anxiety, fear and doubt about your life?
  • Feel alone, wishing you had better friendships?
  • Get highjacked by your emotions when a ‘situation’ arises?
  • Wish that you could stop comparing yourself to others and be happy with who you are?
  • Find yourself playing out the same frustrating patterns and scenarios over and over?
  • Lose your inner peace, and sleep, due to your external environment?
  • Wonder if you will feel happy and fulfilled in your romantic relationship?
  • Get lost in your current situation and find it hard to see a way out?
  • Feel like people are always letting you down and not living up to your expectations?
  • Say that you do not have time for yourself?
  • Think that you were made for more and this cannot be ‘it’?

Let your pain show you there is another way! You are way too smart and I know you can justify anything. It is soo easy to blame others, but not anymore! Stop giving other people the key to your own happiness. Your life of ease and freedom starts now!

Imagine A World Where You Are...

  • Waking up excited for the day and are making a positive impact on others. 
  • Surrounded by other women who are supportive, encouraging and fun. 
  • Unfazed by life’s events and able to approach them with clarity and certainty. 
  • Loving everything about yourself when you look in the mirror. 
  • Feeling in control of your mind and don’t let expectations get to you. 
  • Living out your best romantic relationships, full of ease and love.
  • Stable and nothing can shake your sense of inner peace.
  • Motivated to inspired action and know your next move. 
  • Happy with your life and how everything is evolving.  



  • Networking strategies to creating friendships and a powerful social circle.  
  • 10 steps to clarity and peace in any situation.
  • 3 secrets to cultivating your ideal romantic relationship
  • Step-by-step routines to living your best life for morning, day and night. 
  • Specific tools and practices to change your conditioning, starting right now. 
  • Techniques to step into the best and most confident version of yourself
  • Strategies for creating abundance in every area of your life.
  • Health tips to reducing irritation, inflammation and resistance in the body. 
  • Leave feeling excited for your future and accepted for who you are by an amazing group of open-minded women.  


  • Vanessa Ortali is the CEO and Founder of The Ladies Community Inc, #1 social networking community in the world. Over her career she has worked with and trained many fortune 500 companies; building better teams, improving communication, increasing productivity and strengthening performance. As a biology major, business school graduate, licensed coach, certified HeartMath practitioner, and expert in events, leadership, self-development, community engagement, and connecting others, Vanessa helps change the world of women around the world. Vanessa has been interviewed by CBC, Elle Magazine, Flare, The Marilyn Denis Show, Metro News, Toronto Star, Rogers TV and many more public media channels. Vanessa is committed to growth as she shares her knowledge on branding, entrepreneurship, networking, mindfulness, love, and tapping into our personal journey through alignment. Vanessa's passion, love, optimism and vulnerability will inspire you to connect with your soul and create the life of your dreams while finding inner peace. Over the years, Vanessa has become a master manifester, built a million dollar rolodex, and has mastered the art of execution in order to get anything done from a heart centered place. When you see the engaged and meaningful culture she has created within her community and life, you will just want to be her friend. Vanessa looks forward to connecting with you through The Ladies Community, as well as her various social media platforms.  
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